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Transforming Data for Better Health

We seamlessly integrate clinical expertise, actuarial wisdom, technological prowess, and data science to deliver unparalleled healthcare solutions for our clients.

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Data Analytic Support

Meet your data needs to support business development, risk...

Technology Support

Make your data interoperable to enable data driven decisions to...

Population Health

Drive actionable insights to lower cost and utilization in near..

Clinic Performance

Drive superior performance of your clinics from a risk coding, patient...

Pharma Solutions

Perform Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) Studies...



We are a carefully assembled team of healthcare executives, actuaries, data scientists, technology experts, clinicians, and data viz experts.


Together we strive relentlessly to develop and implement optimal care pathways for patients who need quality specialty care.

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David Thorpe
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Rajesh Munjuluri
Chief Executive Officer

Rajesh Munjuluri, the Chief Executive Officer, is a seasoned actuary who specializes in Medicare and Medicaid pricing and financial modeling. His expertise extends to value-based contracting and he is deeply involved in the ACO programs, specifically MSPP and REACH, where he plays a pivotal role in program evaluation. Furthermore, he has a solid background in Medicare Part D bidding. Rajesh's professional journey has seen him working with renowned companies like Optum and PwC.

Richard Thornton
Chief Operating Officer
Christiana Beveridge
Chief Medical Officer
Senior Team
John Arsenault
Chief Analytics Officer

John Arsenault, serving as the Chief Analytics Officer, holds a PhD in Neuroscience. With substantial experience in the payer and pharma sectors, John brings a wealth of knowledge in predictive modeling and advanced analytics. He is skilled at constructing data pipelines and developing experimental designs. Recognized as a Medicare and Medicaid expert, he also has a keen focus on behavioral health (including his time at Anthem/Beacon Health Options).

Ali Bonakdar
Chief Pharma Solutions

Ali Bonakdar, the Chief of Pharma Solutions, is an expert with a PhD in Health economics and is also a registered pharmacist. His forte lies in HEOR (Health Economics Outcomes Research) and he is well-versed in market access strategies. Ali is adept at drug development and launch, with a specific interest in rare diseases. He possesses a strong foundation in methods and study design, has significant experience in conducting clinical trials, and has been a part of various publications. With experience at renowned firms like J&J, IBM, and Roivant, he's a seasoned professional in the industry.

Sankalp Vartak
Head - Off-shore Operations

Sankalp Vartak, working as the Chief Offshore Operations, manages the offshore team of data scientists and data visualization experts. His primary role is to translate the several business requirements from different clients and complete it with the help of offshore team. With substantial experience in value-based contracting and ACO programs like REACH and MSSP, he is adding value to the team by creating data visualization tools which eases the understanding the healthcare data.



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