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Our Services

Data Analytic Support

Meet your data needs to support business development, risk assessment or risk management through data and actuarial analyses that uses :


  • 100% Medicare FFS data (2011 – 2023 YTD)

  • 100% Medicare Advantage data (2016 – 2020)

  • 100% Part D data (2011 – 2023 YTD)

  • EDGE data (2019-2020)

  • CCLF data

  • EMR data

  • Data from other internal sources

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Technology Support

Make your data interoperable to enable data driven decisions to lower your expenses and drive higher revenues:

  • Implement a Common Data Model (CDM) to achieve interoperability 

  • Achieve compliance HIPAA / SOC2 to meet data security needs

  • Define pipeline architecture

  • Automate data pipelines (ETL)

  • Develop Infrastructure as Code (IoC)

Population Health Management

Drive actionable insights to lower cost and utilization in

near real time.

  • Identify cost and use reduction opportunities through data benchmarking

  • Review Actuarial and financial model output in near real time

  • Implement predictive tool results to drive interventions

  • Drive higher quality scores by managing care gaps in near real time

  • Manage provider performance through data benchmarking

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Clinic Performance

Drive superior performance of your clinics from a risk coding, patient compliance and physician perspectives:

  • Evaluate Clinic performance metrics in near real time

  • Evaluate physician performance metrics in near real time

  • Review HCC coding performance in near real time

  • Review patient compliance metrics in near real time

  • Drive NPS growth

Pharma Solutions
  • Perform Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) Studies

    • Cost-effectiveness analyses

    • Budget impact modeling

    • Market access analyses

    • Reimbursement analyses

  • Develop Patient Journeys

  • Evaluate clinical trials feasibility

    • Synthetic Control Groups

  • Study Designs, Methodological & Statistical Research, Including Publication

  • Support Prescriber Analytics

  • Unmet Needs and Label expansion

  • Health Policy

  • Support investments through targeted analytics

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